Those against Davao City Mayor’s bid for the presidency are really getting desperate. Now they have resorted to advanced black ops to taint his reputation, this time, by his ever-colorful morality.

Check out this obviously-edited video to make him look bad.

And another copy.

Now that you’ve watched them, read the whole thing, uncut and this time, you’ll understand Duterte’s context.


And there’s a story behind the tale. Edwin Espejo recalls that the incident is what made Duterte the crime-fighting mayor that he is now.

Before you jump on the admittedly morbid joke about the Austrailan preacher, know first what happened to her and the events before she was raped killed.

If my memory will serve me right, the Aussie woman was killed during the hostage taking incident at the then Davao City Jail inside the former Davao Metrodiscom headquarters.

Before that, Mayor Rodrigo offered himself as hostage by Federico Pugoy who earlier held a bus. At knifepoint, Duterte was able to convince Pugoy to release the hostages in exchange for himself.

Pugoy ended up detained at the Metrodiscom jail.

Then Pugoy took hostage an Australian group of ministers where the said Aussie woman was also raped and then killed.

An ensuing shootout led to the death of all hostage takers and 5 of the 17 Joyful Assembly of God visitors during a Protestant prayer service. One of them was the Australian woman.

Now, that was one of the few times Duterte was seen firing his gun at a recidivist and incorrigible criminal (one of the hostage takers) to deliver a coup d grace.

The Amoranto joke on April 12 should not be tolerated and the Mayor owe it to apologize for the sexist and morbid remarks.

But that was the context and background of it., which happened in 1989. 1989! He was barely a year as an elected mayor of Davao City.

And it started his campaign against criminality.

Now. Are you still mad at him?

Duterte is known for controversial words and statements that draw outrage, and this is a double-edged sword: It will keep his name afloat in the air, but it will dissuade some people from him. This was a tactic he has used and it mysteriously does not fail him.

This has also created friction between him and the communist front Gabriela.

Is there an ulterior motive behind this? Was the poster for or against Duterte? Can he keep his foothold despite all these? Time will tell.