A Facebook page created suspiciously within the 2016 election season of the Philippines is invoking wrathful replies from Filipinos of all walks of life.

Calling itself “Bantay Botante 2016” (Voter Watch 2016), it had slogans and campaigns that clearly infuriates the thinking classes.

And why not? See for yourself.

Translation: Thinking is a waste of time.


The Filipinos are clearly angry at mind conditioning and zombiefication of voters, which is probably another case of smart shaming.

“There’s no wasted votes if you know that the candidate is worthy of the position.”

“This is a stupid post. Please report this fucking nonsense page.”

“Another form of manipulationg our minds.”

“Only dumb people believes surveys”


“It’s none of your business. Because of the likes of you the Philippines doesn’t progress. Eat those surveys!”

“This page’s admin is retarded!”

“A big farce!”

“Biased page. Get off the internet, prick.”

“No wasted votes because I have conviction!”

“You’re a dunce! This page is also for idiots. How would you say wasted? That’s not a waste if there’s conviction behind a vote. It’s useless if the county’s future is based from that fucking survey! Fuck! Miriam Santiago? A waste? Oi boy! Get your facts straight! You’re too dumb to manage an ‘election watch’ page. Dull-minded. It makes my blood boil! I’ll hang you with noodles!”

“Who created this? What an idiot! My vote is very valuable regardless whoever wins! At least I won’t regret in the long run! It will never ever be a waste!”

“You should pull your brain from your ass! Surveys do not determine the best president to vote! A smashing BOOOO to your face!”

“Honesty is what ultimately matters!”

“Idiots! Use your brain!”

“This is a biased page, crap minded for those who operate this!”

“Stop posting your opinions and jokes online. Nobody decent enough to think wants them.”

“Is this Bantay Bontante? Or Bantay Poe? You’re all pro-poe! She did nothing! She’s only good at gaining sympathies!”

“You’re leaning to someone, you’re not Bantay Botante, you’re biased!”

“Fucking page. It’s Duterte for us sillies!”


“This page is in favor to Grace Poe Lol! kindly change the name of your page to Bantay Ni Poe Haha Is this your strategy for you to get more likes on your page? Damn Poor!”

“You know what, whoever run’s this garbage ass page are degenerate fucks who need to grab a rope, tie it into a noose and hang themselves. People like you is the reason why this country is full of shit right now. Do the World a favor and erase yourselves from existence. Call the oligarchs that funds you and that puppet candidate of yours to go fuck themselves in the fucking arse.”

“Hey. You got guts to name this page as BANTAY BOTANTE 2016 but your posts aren’t for voters, it’s for Grace Poe. Rabid idiotic animal!”

“This is the most biased shit page I’ve seen so far =))))”

“This Page is pure Bullshit. We all know you work for Poe and her Capitalist Pig supporters.”

“A very stupid page.”

“Block and unlike this page. Do yourself and your country a favor.”

“Seriously, this is a very stupid and selfish page.”


“This Page is The Biggest Sham Since Binay’s Existence.”

Such rage over popularity vote may come from the fact it was because of this mentality that in 2010, the likes of Richard Gordon and Gilbert Teodoro lost to a widely popular candidate, who, sadly, turned out to be an idiot in terms of competence. The popularity came from the claims he’s incorruptible, has morals and came from a family line of heroes. But we all know those two things on their own don’t make a leader. And we’re not sure his family tree was that heroic either.

Also, what DOES constitute a wasted vote? Nope, it’s not in voting unwinnable candidates. It’s the fact of not voting at all. Now THAT’S a waste.

User suspicions think that the page was probably created by a leading presidential candidate, either Grace Poe or Rodrigo Duterte. Most probably the former. The page also has comparisons that glorify Grace Poe and trashes everyone else.

What could the Filipino people do about this cesspool of biased stupidity?

How we wish there's grounds for removal for Facebook pages for just being fucking stupid.

Facebook doesn’t remove pages based on objectionable content. But there’s a better way of dealing with stupidity like this.

The final solution beckons.

Blocking the page will do harm to the BANTAY BOTANTE page. It’ll deprive it of hits and clicks, and will spare more innocent minds from this stupid sheep mentality.

Block it from your Facebook, permanently.

Tell everyone about how the page is breeding new idiots and should be excised before it produces more zombies.