As the brouhaha in Makati City boiled on, with Vice Mayor Peña’s installation as acting mayor taking place, the Court of Appeals prevents the Vice Mayor from performing.

The released Temporary Restraining Order overrules the suspension of Makati Mayor Junjun Binay.

The attention did not come from the ensuing chaos, but rather the paperwork.

Widely panned as being an unprofessional font of choice, Comic Sans MS is a subject of ridicule and contempt towards those who use such a font.

And with a government agency caught using the font, the social media can’t help but take potshots.

Unfortunately, the rules of the Supreme Court is lenient enough to leave the fonts of choice to the courts for as long as they are readable.

So that means the courts, for as long as they are using the font, is probably hiring some childish secretary or someone completely clueless about choice of fonts.