Not all Chinese people are spineless plagiarists out to ursurp territory. Some even have golden hearts.

A nurse who was shooting her wedding photos at a beach in China has been earning praises online for trying to save a drowned man by performing CPR on the victim.

Guo Yuanyuan, a nurse at a Dalian hospital, was posing for a photo when she noticed a drowning man being laid down on the beach. The man had suffered a sudden heart attack while swimming.

Witnesses said they heard the man shouting for help around 10 am on Monday, September 21. He was already starting to sink and waving his hand to catch attention before several beach-goers rushed to save him and pull him back to shore.

The man, who remains unidentified, was already unconscious when he was pulled out; one of the rescuers named Mr. Zhao said.

“At the time his lips had gone purple and his face was going blue. It seemed like he had a sudden heart attack,” Zhao narrated; adding that no one among the crowd who gathered around them knows how to perform CPR.

As a nurse and the only one around trained to do CPR, Guo ran to help the stranger and performed CPR on him while waiting for paramedics to arrive. An ambulance made it to the beach some 20 minutes later. However, neither Guo or the doctors were able to save the man’s life.

The paramedics that arrived shortly after said it was too late to save the man.

Despite the futile attempt, Guo has been praised in her gallant act of performing her duty as a nurse despite it all. In an attempt to save the man’s life, her wedding gown was torn, her make-up was ruined and her nails were broken.

Her fiancé, Xiao Liu, who didn’t leave her side throughout the incident said he saw how fast her girlfriend rushed to the scene by jumping off a three-foot ledge after they heard the shouting.

“She enjoy helping people normally and that’s what I like about her,” the fiancé added.

Guo, whose picture while trying to revive the drowned man was widely circulated on Chinese social media, has since been called “the most beautiful” on the internet.

But Guo downplayed the praises she received, saying: “At that time, I only remember that I was a nurse. My career’s responsibilities are higher than that of a bride.”

Guo embodies the trait “Duty above one’s self”. May we all adapt that trait in any profession that we do.

(Source: 163, Kicker Daily)