From the same media body that praised Paul Christian Quilet’s petition against MOCHA USON BLOG, they have now reported that Quilet’s Facebook account has been suspended for violations.

According to Inquirer’s Jovic Yee, it’s an ironic twist.

The Facebook account of the netizen who started a petition to ban avid Rodrigo Duterte supporter Mocha Uson’s page has been reported to the social networking site.

Paul Quilet said in an update he posted Monday night on his change.org petition that he has already sought the reactivation of his Facebook account.

“My Facebook account has been reported. I have requested Facebook to have it reactivated ASAP,” Quilet wrote.

What does Quilet have to say in his defense?

Quilet has since defended his position, and said that there’s “always a thin line between rights and responsibilities.”
“Everyone is free to express what they want. But problems arise when this fundamental right is used to manipulate and condition the public, when it is exploited to serve anyone’s purpose, when it is used as a shield against accountability,” Quilet said.

ROTFLMAOLOLOLOLOLLONE11ONE! He should look no further than Rappler, known for their manipulations. ABS-CBN too.

And let’s destroy totally Quilet’s argument that Mocha Uson’s links are based on false sites.

She uses sources like PTV.

…and uses Philippine Daily Inquirer at times, when they’re not busy making up anti-Duterte tirades…

And this post she used by Trending News Portal can be easily verified as legitimate.

…because even GMA News and the cited newspaper above has something like this…

At the end of the day, with Trending News Portal’s content checking out, using that as basis for shutting down MOCHA USON BLOG and making outlandish claims she is deceiving people, it reads like a cheap and immature alibi to advance the interests of those who aren’t seeing President Rodrigo Duterte in a good light.

Especially when Mocha Uson shows why she is being targeted: More engagements than the traditional media. A dangerous thing for those with less-than-pristine intent.

We however at Spratlys’ Charade have no sympathies against such a hypocrite like Paul Quilet. He had it coming.

Based on content from: http://technology.inquirer.net/54168/mocha-uson-petitioner-reported-on-facebook#ixzz4O4ddDYrX