Everyone in the Philippine anime and social media scene were appalled by the news of a tarpaulin of Ren and Ram, characters from the anime Re:Zero, was auctioned for PHP 9,500 during Otaku Expo Reloaded 2016, a price many people say is grossly excessive. The troubles appear to be a mere tip of the iceberg, and could put the organizers of Otaku Expo, Otaku Events in an even bigger and possibly legal trouble.

Many users have claimed the tarpaulin was not official artwork for Re:Zero, and this was verified by checking Pixiv, a popular artwork site based in Japan, thus revealing that the art used in the tarpaulin originated there.

The artist of the artwork was revealed to belong to a certain Tomato, a commercial artist from Japan who sells such illustrations for a living.

仕事絵(( by TOMATO on pixiv

There were many who discovered the plagiarism right after the auction, but a local Philippine illustrator, Tony Guisado, broke the news to Tomato.

To say Tomato is disappointed is to be gentle of the situation.

There are people in the Philippines (otaku Expo) of my paintings auction
But I don’t know about it.
This is very bad
The use of this painting is attributed to me and the butterfly effect society.
The use of any other place is not allowed.
We are trying to contact the operators of the fair but it looks very difficult.
Here I hope that we have always insisted on the fight against piracy
And thank you very much for telling me! I was touched!
Thank you very much.

This puts the Philippine anime scene in a bad light, and who knows how many other plagiarism cases have gone unnoticed?

Otaku Expo organizers Otaku Events have yet to receive a complaint from Tomato.

For Otaku Expo to get out of this potential trouble, they should compensate Tomato for the usage and revise illustration usage in future conventions to comply with copyrights.

Could this lead to the coming of change in the local anime fandom scene?