From the infamous Barangay in Cavite that made themselves famous for banning DotA in their jurisdictions, now they’ve added to the list of games that will be forbidden in that area; PointBlank and CrossFire are now banned as well.

Citing the same reasoning as from DotA, where it sows discord in families and society, as well as violence and ill behavior, the Barangay council, headed by Enrico Paredes, has penned additional policies that extends the ban to other games. The policy covers Internet Cafes, and the same penalties from DotA apply.

The policy became controversial and a subject of ridicule, particularly in social media networks.

Paredes insists that the policies were done for the greater good of his constituents, in an interview.

There has been reportedly planned retaliation towards the incumbency of the Barangay by no longer re-electing the council.

Some parents of the Barangay are pleased with the ordinance, as well as those that found it pointless.