Missing the KFC Double Down Dog? KFC Philippines has made available a new dish that will either keep you coming back for more, or make you squeamish again.

Enter the KFC Chizza. That’s right. A Pizza. On top of chicken.

Launched initially on select KFC stores in Metro Manila, it had some surprised reactions, many of them positive. The product became available nationwide on July 9.

People are comparing it to a Chicken Parmigiana, which is inevitable considering it is basically it except with staple pizza ingredients.

It’s not their first time into a pizza foray, as they’ve previously sold the Pizza Twister, which is respectable in taste and presentation.

And then they also served a pizza-flavored chicken in KFC Hong Kong, the Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken.

This has freaked out people too.

Whether served by KFC or by a copycat recipe, the dish concept actually looks and tastes acceptable, if not enjoyable.

And the reaction? Traumatized by the Double Down Dog, some people expected no better from KFC. However, there are those that hails the recent creation. And then you have people who treat pineapples in a pizza as a plague.

“Would not eat.”

“I just Chizzed on my copy of ‘I Will Survive'”

“This is just basically a horrible version of a Milanesa La Napolitana.”

“Why does the good stuff always have to be done overseas?”

“That slop should come with side order of insulin.”

“I’m tempted to say ‘gross i want to vomit’ but deep down i know i would buy this at some point.”

“My arteries hardened by just looking at this post.”

“This is the strongest evidence we’ve seen that everyone at KFC is high.”

“Go home KFC, you’re drunk.”

“doesn’t even look half bad, i’d eat it :D”

“If pretty boy there (Daniel Padilla) with the six-string actually ate all those in the spot, he’d be sweating, breathing heavy and running for the loo between songs.”

“What a disgusting abomination against all mankind. Pineapple, ew.”

“What could go wrong? I’ll go with cardiac arrest.”

“I’m not sure that I will survive eating one of those.”

“seems like the chizza is the shizza!”

“That… actually looks good.”

“Ruined it with pineapple.”

“kfc if you don’t bring the chizza to the states, i swear i will decrease my number of kfc visits by 1 per year”

“I will survive….hopefully if I eat this..”

The KFC Chizza, like the Double Down Dog, is a Philippines exclusive. It will be available for 3 months.