Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada announced in Twitter the news that every fans hoped for; The National Commission for Culture and Arts will not meddle with Josie Rizal, and that she is safe.

Earlier, Harada made extremely worrying statements that caused Filipino Tekken fans to panic, and condemn NCCA and all of Josie’s haters and critics alike.

“NO. If it happens. I’ll delete her” Harada said, in an earlier tweet. “Remember, We’ve network update system. We can delete anything. We’ve no damage because we’ve more character & Our market size is Worldwide,” he added.

Rumors also circulated that the NCCA demanded Josie Rizal’s deletion from the roster of Tekken 7.


Buckling from the ire of netizens, the Commission made a statement that disclaims supposed statements from the satire website, as well as the statement from the culture educator.

Harada confirms the clarification. “Ok now. Don’t worry guys.”

Praises and thanks from Filipino fans resounded in social media upon the clarification, but apparently many of them still hate the NCCA for meddling.

Harada later tweeted, in Japanese, his native language, how the entire incidental controversy saved the company the hard work in promoting Josie Rizal in the country.

A high-risk publicity maneuver, indeed, as there is no indication Harada planned deliberate publicity stunts for Josie, despite making dangerous statements such as threats to delete Josie, which understandably, he might’ve tweeted out of annoyance and is not an idle threat.

For all of Josie Rizal’s fans: Look forward to her release sometime May.

(Feature Photo by maoumao / maounosekai via @tekkenargentina in Twitter)