The accomplice of a colorum van driver accused of molesting and raping two passengers was shot dead after allegedly trying to escape from arresting police officers Friday morning, July 17.

The suspect, identified as Alfie “Buddy” Turado, was first spotted by officials of Barangay Obrero in Quezon City, who then reported him to the police.

Residents mobbed Turado before he was arrested by police.

Authorities said the suspect was brought the police station where he admitted that he was with Wilfredo Lorenzo, the first suspect who was arrested, on June 10, when the rape happened.

But he said he did not rape the passenger and he was just driving the van, contrary to what their alleged 22-year-old victim claimed.

He added that it was Lorenzo who planned the whole thing and he had nothing to do with it.

Turado agreed to show the police where he and Lorenzo stashed their loot. But on the way to the area along Tandang Sora, the suspect allegedly tried to grab a gun from one of the policemen inside the vehicle.

Turado was shot inside the vehicle. He was brought to East Avenue Medical Center but was pronounced clinically dead a few minutes before 4 a.m.

An initial police report said Turado sustained gunshot wounds in the chest and neck.

Turado, who had been in hiding since Lorenzo’s arrest, already had his head shaved when he was arrested.

According to Quezon City Police District-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (CIDU) chief Insp. Rodel Marcelo, informants told them that Turado has been joining pot sessions in Barangay Obrero.

Marcelo said police considers the case closed. He warned that criminals have no place in Quezon City.

Two more alleged victims of Lorenzo and Turado have also surfaced and told their story to the Quezon City police.

The death of one of the suspect in the crime, tagged as one of the most controversial rape cases, is widely celebrated.

“Good job”

“Good. Better than feeding that animal in jail”

“Broke to a run when seen by TOWN DEPUTIES. But with the POLICE he’s handcuffed and still put up a fight.. Tsk tsk tsk”


“Abolish CHR.”

“At least he’s dead.. Rapist’ don’t deserve to die right away. They deserve to be tortured first, cut the different parts of their body one by one and die for the pain.”

“Fear of Crime is REAL and a very important issue now in Philippines. Many Filipino express anxiety and fear of rising poverty/drug related crimes (theft, rape & brutal killing) and about being victimized. This probably explains the landslide victory of President-Elect Duterte.”

“justice served, instantly..”

Duterte’s influence of no tolerance to crime continues as his administration is about to begin by July. The act is one of many actions taken by police forces individually from the time he was proclaimed winner. Naysayers say it’s still under Aquino’s hallmark, but these decisive actions never took place in this magnitude earlier in Aquino’s term.