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The most eyecatching (and sometimes embarrassing) clothes donation Taal Volcano evacuees get

These evacuees know how to have fun in spite of the prospect of losing their homes.

Platinum Games get fresh investment from Chinese firm

With Platinum Games aiming to get publishing independence, it remains to be seen how it will affect their IPs, such as Bayonetta, NieR and others.

Really, what are they fighting for?

Whoops, did they expect the USA and Duterte be in cahoots for perceived Human Rights violations when they’re exactly seeking help from that country to depose the Philippine leader?

ARRESTED – The Grinch of Jones Bridge

He will be charged with Theft of Government Property, with the pilfered wire as evidence.

BEHOLD – The Three Kings of Stupidity

The kings of the road, the commuter bus, in an embarrassing accident.

PUBG Halloween Costume & Frying Pan + Bike thief = INSTANT CHICKEN DINNER

For Jeffrey Dweller, not only is he dressed up in his PUBG flair, he got to try his move in real life– on a bicycle thief.

Would you buy 32GB USB flash drives guarded by defeated Street Fighters?

New from Bigboystoys HK is a line of USB flash drives featuring Street Fighter characters in their defeated figures.

The secret of successful Dr. Strange players in UMVC3 and MVC:I?

This may account for a surge of overpowered Dr. Strange players in the tournament scene as of late.

US returns battleship flag donned by Nagato to Japan after years of storage

The ensign measures 2.6 meters by 4 meters and belonged to the battleship Nagato of the now-defunct Imperial Japanese Navy.

RIDE OF YOUR LIFE: Experience a taste of life, death and rebirth in China’s virtual Crematoria

Who would’ve thought China would come up with amusement park rides that pokes morbid fun at your own mortality?