The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry has announced recently that they are now accepting complaints in regards to delayed SMS messages and the often-complained quality of internet services in the country.

Delayed receiving of SMS messages are often the cause of miscommunication, misunderstandings and even quarrels among people, and it has been a common complaint that saw no decisive action, particularly between different communication networks. Its impact is particularly devastating when it occurs in business-related transactions.

Another common complaint aired by SMS users is the prevalence of so-called “SPAM”, or unwanted advertisements and messages.

Unreliable internet connections have been also a common complaint, albeit in a bigger magnitude, where rates are said to be high, but speed and reliability lower in comparison to internet connections in neighboring countries.

Formerly, it was in the Philippine National Telecommunications Commission alone who accepted complaints in regards to quality of services by telecom companies. Now the DTI has opened its doors to such complaints as well. The two government bodies will jointly process the numerous complaints filed by disgruntled customers.

While accepting general complaints in regards to SMS and internet connections, the DTI will handle inaccurate, dubious and misleading product offerings, as well as quality assurances.

On the other hand, the NTC will handle spam messages, SMS scams (such as sneaky messages that inadvertently causes you to send load credits), technical issues of consumers, such as slow speed, inferior coverage areas and quality of connection.

The two government agencies however, requests complainants to follow through in their complaints, as the lack of cooperation and seriousness among complainants causes no action to take place.

They also lamented low penalties for telecom companies who do not deliver their services as advertised.

For any complaints in regards to SMS or internet connections, refer to the contact information below.

(+632) 751.3330
(+63917) 834.3330

DTi Contact Center:
Hotline : 1-6565
SMS : +63-90888-1-6565
Web : http://www.contactcenterngbayan.gov.ph/

Email: cwpd@ntc.gov.ph
Website: http://www.ntc.gov.ph
Complaints Page: http://www.ntc.gov.ph/complaintpage2.php