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Why is Iqbal not confirming nor denying this?

Ever since the revelation, there has been increased reports of opposition against the Bangsamoro Basic Law, particularly in the social media.

China to ‘blacklist’ unruly tourists

China will create a “blacklist” of its tourists who behave badly overseas, state-media reported, after several embarrassing incidents involving Chinese traveling abroad.

Cat Cafe Manila now online

Cat Cafe Manila has been enjoying runaway success as being one of the two cat-centric establishments in Metro Manila. Now they have their own website too.

PHL animal welfare group blocks city ordinance imposing “unfair” pet limits

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was all in opposition to a drafted city ordinance that limits dog and cats to 4.

BUTTHURT – Amateurish and childish death treats

Hataw Tabloid ridiculed the death threat towards them as an infantile and a cowardly act.

INJUSTICE IN MARIKINA – Injured policeman scorned with release of drunken driver suspect

PO1 Ivan Santos could not believe it. The drunken driver, Homer N. Casco II, got away scott-free from the liability of the motor vehicle accident that gave horrific injuries last December of 2014.

MIDGET PENANCE OR CHILD ABUSE? – Viral picture of alleged child taking part in self-flagellation circulates

Normally children should not be asked to take part in acts like this, but this picture strongly suggests a child doing exactly that.

Massive Gaming HR division jumps ship; Employee damage getting worse

The drama between fugitive Massive Gaming CEO Miguel Limon and its protesting employees continue as Massive Gaming’s HR division abandons the company as well, for fairly obvious reasons.

1st Philippine Baybayin Summit aims to reestablish Baybayin as written language

TAKLOBO BAYBAYIN INC. will host and conduct the 1st BAYBAYIN SUMMIT, aiming to promote the nearly-forgotten pre-Spanish writing system and reestablish its status as the Filipino written language.

Mercenary Online PH is gone as of March 27, Lumon still at large

A sudden ingame announcement sent chills down every Mercenary Online PH players: Mercenary Online PH is no more on and beyond March 27, 10 am.