The Tulfos, namely Ramon, Ben, Raffy and Erwin are known figures of public service. Having resolved disputes, corruption, crime and other issues of national significance, they are the unofficial police figures in the country.

One fan of Raffy Tulfo, of his own titular public service program RAFFY TULFO in ACTION, created an arcade stick decal in honor of his “Idol Raffy”

The decals was fabricated by Gio Cosme who did it as he’s a big fan of the show and Raffy.

He claims it has no acrylic layers yet but is proud of his creation nonetheless.

The base brand and model of the arcade stick is currently unknown.

The post has garnered much likes and popularity that TV5 (the TV station where Raffy’s show can be watched) has asked permission to post and details from Gio himself.

May Gio’s foray to gaming be as successful as Raffy’s cases being resolved decisively.