The new film about a portion of Philippine history, Heneral Luna, has been financed by unexpected figures in the country. One of them belongs to a race whose bloodline traces back to that of the country’s former conquerors.

Meet Fernando Ortigas, a Filipino-Spanish businessman, who financially supported the movie with Php70 million in his own pocket. A businessman who’s heart is for the good of the country.

Others who also pitched in to make the film possible is Businessman Eduardo Rocha and Atty. Joji Alonso.

Ortigas also told Film Director J. Tarog that if “Heneral Luna” is a success, he would not hesitate again to finance the next movie project concerning the Philippines.

If sales, hype and social media buzz is any indication, we may hear from Ortigas again for another nationalistically-awakening film that is long overdue.

Heneral Luna chronicles the brilliant Antonio Luna and his exploits during the country’s darkest hours in the Phillipine-American conflict, a conflict acknowledged by both sides, the Philippines and the United States of America, as a big misunderstanding that shed unimaginable amounts of blood and lives from both sides.