Or is Benigno Aquino III in cahoots with the Philippine Department of Justice in trying to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law to get that Nobel Peace Prize at the expense of the country’s sovereignty?

Ever since the revelation, there has been increased reports of opposition against the Bangsamoro Basic Law, particularly in the social media.

Even Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos expressed his alarm at Iqbal’s nature and has been more critical of both the negotiator, and the proposed law.

The MILF, who apparently answers only to Malaysia, warned that they will not negotiate again should the BBL not pass.

As to why all these are being perpetuated is anyone’s guess.


With a shady personality leading so-called peace negotiations, the SAF 44 incident, plus the MILF and BFF’s menacing presence, it is quite hard to believe they truly want peace. They seem only intent on dividing the country. Plus did we mention that the MILF prioritized Malaysia over the Philippines in their report?