Many are still angry at Iglesia ni Cristo for widely misinterpreting the Philippine Constitution article about the separation of the Church and State, and how they wasted every motorist’s time in EDSA by their rally.

But if you try to look at positive things, however painful, something good came out of it.

It revealed opportunist politicians who should not be voted this coming 2016 for being beholden excessively to the religious group’s bloc voting, and showing their opportunistic side, showing a potential of being turncoats.

And they primarily consisted of those that staunchly defended the religious group against raging criticism.

1. Jejomar Binay
Now facing even more graft charges along with his son, mayor-in-exile Junjun Binay, he staunchly defended the church, going as far as to ask the motorists to “suck it up” when it came to the monstrous traffic jams the protest caused. Those who were largely angry at Binay are now even angrier, and those against him increased.

2. Grace Poe
While showing her defense of the church in eloquent speech, it definitely indicated she was beholden too to the group. Being a greenhorn in politics and being beholden to a group is not a good starting point. She can be easily manipulated to advance the church’s agenda unwillingly.

3. Chiz Escudero
Despite claiming that the church’s actions do not influence his decisions, Escudero’s defense of the church’s anarchic actions instantly made him a red light candidate for the Vice President position in the eyes of people still incensed by the long weekend protest.

Other 2016 election hopefuls, such as Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte spoke of equality of rights and due process, instead of directly criticizing the group’s actions.

Bongbong sees a possible mistake of handling of the case, resulting in perceived favoritism, while Duterte would guarantee their rights to assemble and be heard, something he had done even to the CPP-NPA communist party in Davao City, under the conditions that the rule of law shall be observed at all times.

That would include measures to prevent nightmarish traffic conditions as well.