Well, the dream of Joseph Robert B. Lu to be the Philippine presidential assassin is dead. Here’s the next aspiring one: Laurence Araula del Puerto.

A person who is apparently a nobody, he has done nothing but nonsensical posts about rising electrical costs and his unreasonable and batshit insane grudge against Rodrigo Duterte and Sara Duterte, the President’s daughter. And to be fair, he also has bones to pick against outgoing President Aquino and DOTC bigwig Abaya.

Here’s one of his greatest hits in retardation.

Electricity is too expensive in the Philippines and its not even consistent. It has lots of brown outs and yet very expensive. I do not have a t.v. All I have is one a.c., and one ref with a few lights and a rice cooker and an electric stove. But my bill more than 3,000 pesos. Shocking…if I am a minimun wage earner with 9,000 pesos monthly salary, I cant pay my bills. And then you tsee in the news Politicians like Duterte spending 200 Million pesos in his happy happy and yet claiming he is a Socialist just boils your blood to the point that you need to slice the throat of Sara Duterte and then make a rape joke over her dead body.

There are others but they’re too cancer-inducing to even digest. Delusional, unreasonable and dumbly bigot, the only language he’ll understand by now is the one that will beat him fucking shitless.

Whoever coerced Lu to change his ways should try whipping that manbaby to shape. He claims to live in Cagayan De Oro.

We here at Spratlys’ Charade know pretty well we are beyond print standards in the language we use. And when we do use that kind of language, it means we are very very displeased. At that fuckwad, in particular.