Amidst the misquote by ABS-CBN over Rodrigo Duterte’s statements, and suspicious know-all answers by Mar Roxas, a picture is now becoming clear of what the votes will be on May 9, 2016.

And again, all signs point to a Rodrigo Duterte presidency.

All the polls and queries were made immediately after the debates, and the results are as of this posting.

Rappler’s Facebook poll points to a Duterte pick. This is despite of claims that Rappler is biased. The second placer is unsurprisingly, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, whom Duterte quipped as a would-be president because of her credentials.

Rappler's polls paint a surprising picture; it's Duterte, Miriam and Mar.

Inquirer’s Facebook poll also points to a Duterte pick by an impossible 62% lead, and counting. The only one that comes next is Mar Roxas by a paltry 19%, and Miriam at the third by 13%.

In this poll, the only one that remotely comes close to Duterte's wide lead, is Mar Roxas.

Manila Bulletin’s poll mirror’s Inquirer’s results, a Duterte-Miriam-Mar hierarchy, with Duterte of course leading the way.

Duterte's lead is far and wide. Miriam is in second and Mar is in third.

This phenomenon is set to solidify as all 3 has Duterte’s lead that are nigh impossible to beat, with thousands of votes in place.

In spite of his ambiguous and at times, humorous answers to issues such as the West Philippine Sea, and classing bickering with Mar Roxas, Duterte has clearly made his mark in the debates.

But what is the secret to his drawing power that has left his rivals puzzled?

Is it the charisma that he and Miriam share? Miriam’s legion of followers are charmed by her wit, and are partially inhostile to Duterte’s supporters, though there are reports of Miriam supporters coercing.

Duterte’s charisma to the people is about being real, honest and being the guy in the corner you can relate with. Him being nothing special sans his track record, humility, and genuine words have won him legions of fans everywhere, pledging votes by the bulk.

And when you command such a high regard by people, the elites are naturally threatened by this.

Perhaps this is among the things predicted that will come to pass an be realized, as said by an article about a tarot reading regarding Duterte’s destiny. And it seems it will take place, no matter what stands in the way.