Celia Veloso, mother of convicted drug trafficker Mary Jane Veloso, on Saturday appealed for understanding from the people who called her “ungrateful” for bashing Philippine President Benigno Aquino III two days after her daughter was spared from execution in Indonesia.

In a press conference with Migrante International, the so-called global alliance of overseas Filipinos, Veloso had said she was holding the Aquino administration accountable for letting her daughter languish in an Indonesian jail for five years.

In a phone interview on Saturday, Veloso said she was still thankful to her critics for supporting her daughter even as she appealed for understanding.

“I hope they learn the truth. I hope they will understand me,” she said.

“Our countrymen do not understand my situation. We sought the government’s help for two years. We only got promises,” Veloso said, referring to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Mary Jane was sentenced to death for smuggling heroin into Indonesia in 2010.

Veloso said no one attended to her daughter’s case for five years. That, she said, was what she would hold the President accountable for.

This allegation was contradicted by the President in an earlier interview where he explained earlier actions taken towards Veloso’s case.

The netizens aren’t buying Celia Veloso’s explanation. The Velosos’ association with Migrante, long suspected to hold ties with Bayan Muna, an alleged front of CPP_NPA communist movement (that is, by the way, a known anti-government body) lends to suspicion that the family may have been brainwashed and manipulated into speaking against the government.

Even with the explanation, there were no sympathies.


Migrante coerced the Velosos, you ignorants!

Check the facts Mrs. Veloso before you believe militants!

The communists got you, Mrs Veloso. There’s no turning back for you now. Everyone hates you!

Understand Mrs. Veloso, they expected that they’ll get plenty of donations upon MJ’s death.

If we Filipinos will only behave abroad then it will lessen the burden on our government.

Opportunist! Ingrate!

The militant left should do us all a favor and slit their own throats. You’re a burden to society!



Bogus. President Widodo never said, “Why only now?” (refers to an allegation by Veloso that Widodo asked Aquino why he only pressed for clemency only now — disproved by recent actions that are prominently reported and the fact the statement by Veloso IS a fabrication — we edited that out because it smells like bullshit.)

Migrante made a fool out of you Mrs. Veloso and still you are allowing them to fool you. But don’t worry Mrs Veloso, the biggest loser here is Migrante, not you. You exposed how evil Migrante is.

The ungrateful Veloso family and backers miscalculated the response of the netizens!

Abolish all Partylist, where are they on China land-grabbing? Ignorance will not save you from the wrath of Netizens…

INGRATE. Only a fool would help this kind of family.

This family is totally ungrateful. like, totally!

brainwashed…. one of those who are paid during election to vote for pigs….

I hate that this family is being “ungrateful”. I believe also that they are manipulated by the Partylists KMU, Gabriella and Bayadmuna group who are against PNOY but PRO-BINAY. Its politics.

Aggravating the Velosos current situation is that she was caught saying conflicting statements. According to an Inquirer report, she was profusely thankful in an interview Wednesday.

“We are thankful, first of all, to God…and for everything that President Noynoy had done to quickly provide for our needs here,”

But after arriving back in Manila…

“He is telling the whole world that he helped save my daughter’s life. That is not true. Get ready, we are here to collect your debts. We will fight you.”

And now they’re wondering why the people are suddenly against and hostile against them.

(source: Inquirer)