Carnapping in the Philippines will soon become a non-bailable offense, as per the Revised Carnapping Law containing the amendment co-penned by Representative Lito Atienza, approved just recently in the Philippine House of Representatives.

This coincided with the hearing recently held in the Senate where it was discovered that there are approximately 15 motorcycles stolen daily in the county, according to data from the Philippine National Police.

The amendment will mete “20 years imprisonment for the act itself; minimum of 30 years with any violence involved, and life imprisonment for casualties and fatalities in connection with the crime”, according to Atienza.

Government officials proven to connive with carnappers will be expelled from public service, Atienza further added, to the elation of the group Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, who has been pushing for years to add teeth to the Carnapping Law.

The Philippine Senate is reportedly also making their own revisions to the Carnapping Law.