Spotted in the wild, a post alleges that a suspicious ballot has the candidates of Liberal Party highlighted in yellow, and are the only ones with the slogan.

The post claims that an Overseas Filipino Worker about to vote, when the ballot was spotted.

Claims of poll sabotaging in favor of Liberal Party has always been warned about. And we haven’t gone into the part yet where OFWs, reportedly in Japan are threatened to vote for Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo or they will be denied the right to vote.

Conversely, it can be a disruption tactic by Duterte supporters, but if history is to be reviewed, this kind of tactic is not below plausible, and could be indeed the work of Liberal Party.

OFWs are warned to make sure their correct votes are counted and to report and record any threats, coercion, bribery or blackmail into voting for candidates.

Why, if you do spot one and have no one to turn to, let us know. We’ll post it for you.