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Al Qaeda and ISIS, both reviled organizations bent on pushing Islam down everyone’s throats, are now at war with each other.

BRAVO – Medal of Valor for PO2 Ryan S. Cabansag for foiling robbery

For single-handedly taking on three men robbing a bus on the North Luzon Expressway, PO2 Ryan S. Cabansag, with wife Christine by his side, receives the Medalya ng Kadakilaan from Interior Secretary Mel Sarmiento in a ceremony at Camp Crame on Monday, September 22, 2015.

OH, THE IRONY! – Philippine IP body caught with plagiarized logo

The Baybayin advocacy group is planning to sue the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) for intellectual property theft from a proposed logo redesign and the government body’s snub of their inquiry about it.

MOVED – Despite saying ‘NO’ to presidential bid, latest rally to have Rodrigo Duterte run had him thinking twice

The rally in Luneta that clamors for Rodrigo Duterte, Davao City’s celebrated mayor, to run despite his withdrawal has proven successful in making him change his hard stance from before.

NO MORE – Proposed law on outright ban of garbage importation in PHL filed

A bill banning the importation, shipment, entry and dumping of garbage, hazardous scrap or residual wastes into the country has been filed at the House of Representatives.

PH lays down plans for Defense Economic Zone

The Philippines’ ongoing territorial tensions with China have led it to try to modernize its military, which for years had one of the smallest budgets in Asia. The country is spending more on more advanced ships and planes, but it is also trying to entice arms manufacturers to set up shop locally.

!UPDATED! SECRET MARSHAL – Incognito off-duty policeman kills two bus robbers

A responding police officer, in civilian clothes and presumably off-duty slugged it out against robbers in the Del Carmen bus whilst traversing the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) northbound, killing two of them.

NHCP: Jose Rizal wouldn’t have minded Torre de Manila behind him!

Jose Rizal probably would not have minded buildings being constructed behind his monument in Luneta—in fact, Rizal would not have wanted a monument in his honor at all.

What good have the inconvenience Iglesia ni Cristo rally made?

It revealed opportunist politicians who should not be voted this coming 2016 for being beholden excessively to the religious group’s bloc voting.

!UPDATED! “FATALITY” – Tweet accuses Iglesia ni Cristo rally for causing 1 life lost in ambulance due to gridlock

In a tweet last August 30, in the height of the climax of Iglesia ni Cristo rally, a Twitter user whose identity was concealed claimed that the traffic jam caused the demise of the mother of the twitter user’s friend, who was in an ambulance.