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THROWBACK – We now have a Punisher of the south, and maybe soon, a Nation Builder of the north

Who would’ve thought this mockup of a meme would actually come almost very close to being true?

SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT? – ABS-CBN talents rooting for Liberal Party defy Comelec rules

Now, will they make excuses or show unusual leniency because they are Liberal Party sympathizers?

DESPAIR FOR DUTERTE’S FOES – BPI scandal, Trillanes, all failed to dent Duterte’s survey lead towards poll day

He remains the top choice for president, and nothing dented his ratings at all.

ENDE – Iglesia ni Cristo throws support behind Rodrigo Duterte and Bongbong Marcos, and more…

Despite pleas from the Philippine President himself, Iglesia ni Cristo gave them the proverbial dirty finger by supporting instead their worst nightmare; Rodrigo Duterte and the late strongman’s son, Bongbong Marcos.

Alan Peter Cayetano secures TRO against ABS-CBN’s anti-Duterte ads

No one saw coming Rodrigo Duterte’s Vice Presidential candidate Alan Peter Cayetano’s move to put a halt to anti-Duterte advertisements.


Supporters and non-supporters alike of Rodrigo Duterte are seething with anger after news broke out of a PHP 20million ad campaign against leading presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte to be played all day Friday, May 6, and after seeing it on TV the night of Thursday.

Antonio Trillanes’ accusation against Rodrigo Duterte is doomed from the start. Here’s why.

A string of falsehoods, inconsistencies and bad reaction to criticism already sealed Trillanes’ fate to become an utter failure in trying to discredit Duterte.

PHILIPPINE ELECTORAL FRAUD CONFIRMED – OFW votes for Duterte, Roxas shows up instead in receipt!

Beware! The long-warned Hocus-PCOS in Philippine elections, ie. rigged voting machines to only show Mar Roxas votes despite others, may have actually been confirmed in overseas voting.

Even people of ‘Daang Matuwid’ are secretly rooting for Rodrigo Duterte

Are those jeepney drivers treacherous mercenaries or enlightened people? You decide.

VOX POPULI – After final debate, Duterte top pick in Facebook polls by major media pages

And again, all signs point to a Rodrigo Duterte presidency.