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Lee Kuan Yew, father of Singapore, dies at 91

Singapore’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, one of the towering figures of post-colonial Asian politics, died Monday in hospital, the government said.

Senate approves bill creating PHL Department of Information and Communications Technology

A Senate committee has approved a bill seeking to create the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). The government body is expected to spur …

GetRealPhilippines: De Lima caught lying to save PNoy?

The aftermath of the SAF44 tragedy continues to haunt the nation, and the search to determine the true accountability of the persons involved continues.

Comic Sans MS used in Court of Appeals papers?

As the brouhaha in Makati City boiled on, with Vice Mayor Peña’s installation as acting mayor taking place, the Court of Appeals prevents the Vice Mayor from performing.

THE ROYAL BUTTHURT – Tax troubles and the stigma of being a con

An army of presumably multilevel marketing or networking employees invaded Facebook posts and even certain articles of TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES after the page’s editorial of how multilevel marketing employees are probably asked to drive around in luxury and designer cars to entice people. This apart from the news of Tax Evasion case filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue against Royale Business Club, a multilevel marketing company.

Earlier attempts to find Musashi shipwreck bared

In the wake of the discovery of the WWII warship Musashi, it was revealed Paul Allen wasn’t the only one looking for it.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO COORDINATION? – PHL will work with Japan, LGU and Paul Allen regarding Musashi’s shipwreck

The Philippine government will work closely with the Japanese government and team of Microsoft co- founder Paul Allen on the alleged discovery of the wreckage of one of the Japanese biggest warships off central province of Romblon, a senior government official said.

Romblon Province: We didn’t know Paul Allen was looking for Musashi

The governor of Romblon province welcomed news that the wreck of the Musashi has been found but stressed that authorities had no idea of the search for the World War II Japanese battleship as he urged that “national laws and international protocols be observed” following the find.

Pope Francis condemns ISIL Egyptian Christian beheading

Pope Francis expressed ‘profound sadness’ over the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by Islamic militants in Libya, saying they had been killed for their faith.

JUST LIKE JORDAN – Egypt retaliates against ISIL with airstrikes

Egypt launched airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Libya as it ‘seeks retribution’ for the barbaric filmed beheading of 21 Coptic Christians.