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Namco-Bandai’s Harada: I’d rather delete Josie Rizal than rename her!

Tekken fans all over the internet were sent panicking after Katsuhiro Harada’s statement of deleting Josie Rizal, this time under the so-called orders of the Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts.

PHL Culture Commission clarifies: Earlier statements by culture educator do not reflect our stance on Josie Rizal

Due to a clarification and angry Tekken players flooding the Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) social media outlets, the government culture body issued a disclaimer that they are not opposing Josie Rizal, though they intend to review the situation.

CULTURE SHOCK – PHL Culture educator worried Josie Rizal may skew Jose Rizal’s image

Some custodians of Philippine culture may not be quite happy with “Josie Rizal,” the new Filipina character in the game “Tekken 7” named after national hero Jose Rizal.

PHL willing to whore Sabah in exchange for Malaysia’s support against China… or are they?

In exchange for Malaysia’s support for its case against China before the United Nations, the Philippines has offered to reconsider a 2009 protest against Malaysia – a move that an expert says effectively downgrades its claim on Sabah.

Talim’s Descendant? Josie Rizal is newest Tekken 7 fighter, and second Filipina fighting game character

First it was Talim from Soul Calibur, the very first fighting game and video game character who is confirmed to be a Filipino. Now a second one, also from the same publisher of Soul Calibur, but this time in Tekken: Josie Rizal.

Philippines to remain the only country where divorce is illegal

Senators have rejected a proposal to legalize divorce in the Philippines despite surveys showing majority of Filipinos agreed to legalize “irreconcilably separated” couples.

PARKING WARS MANILA – Illegally-parked cars get the boot

After getting rid of anti-illegal-parking tow trucks due to corruption reports, the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) changed their approach against illegal parking by using wheel clamps instead, immobilizing illegally parked cars.

FLAVIER’S LEGACY – Poor cross-eyed girl, saved by Flavier’s Sagip Mata, grows up to top the bar exam

The late former senator and former DOH Secretary Juan Flavier launched Oplan Sagip Mata – a program to help save and correct the eyesight of poor, vision-impaired Filipinos – touching the lives of tens of thousands of anonymous children. The program also produced a bar topnotcher, twenty years later.

Valedictorian to Mallari: You’re jelly!

The valedictorian of a Quezon City Catholic school embroiled in a controversy over a viral video has broken her silence. In a TV interview aired …

PHL Supreme Court to implement e-Court system

The Supreme Court will soon implement the e-Court system, transforming and integrating all lower courts in the country into an electronic court system.