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Miss-Xprimnt have been aware all along of the dramas surrounding Josie Rizal and her creation, Xana Dalisay. She renewed her appeal to stop all activities and spamming about Xana Dalisay’s Tekken appearance, once and for all.

BUTTHURT – Amateurish and childish death treats

Hataw Tabloid ridiculed the death threat towards them as an infantile and a cowardly act.

LOOKING FORWARD – Former enemies and present friends celebrate Day of Valor in Bataan

Philippine President Benigno Aquino, Japanese ambassador Kazuhide Ishikawa and US ambassador Philip Goldberg converged at the site, vowing to work closer together on the anniversary of the “Fall of Bataan” — marking the surrender of US and Philippine forces to Japanese invaders in 1942.

CAN’T MOVE ON? – Never-heard-of minority group insists a never-heard-of character in Tekken 7 instead of Josie Rizal

Allow us to fill you in about the situation and as to why Xana Dalisay, the girl insisted by a bunch of nobodies to replace Josie Rizal in Tekken 7, has been universally panned as fancruft even by her creator.

INJUSTICE IN MARIKINA – Injured policeman scorned with release of drunken driver suspect

PO1 Ivan Santos could not believe it. The drunken driver, Homer N. Casco II, got away scott-free from the liability of the motor vehicle accident that gave horrific injuries last December of 2014.

Massive Gaming HR division jumps ship; Employee damage getting worse

The drama between fugitive Massive Gaming CEO Miguel Limon and its protesting employees continue as Massive Gaming’s HR division abandons the company as well, for fairly obvious reasons.

DEATH NOT IN VAIN – FBI confirms SAF44 partially fulfills mission in Marwan’s death

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has sent word confirming the death of the Malaysia terrorism subject Zulkifli Abdhir also known as Marwan.


For a group known for grotesque brutality, beheadings and even medieval-styled burning particularly to those who do not practice their style of Islam, ISIS’ action of releasing some Christian captives remains a stunning action to all.

Ozone Disco depleted

The haunted ruins of Ozone Disco just at the front of the Jamboree Rotunda is no more.

ALL IS WELL – Harada assures Filipino Tekken fans Josie Rizal is safe, and NCCA will not hinder her

Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada announced in Twitter the news that every fans hoped for; The National Commission for Culture and Arts will not meddle with Josie Rizal, and that she is safe.