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Philippines to station warplanes, frigates at former U.S. base facing disputed sea

The Philippines will station new fighter jets and two frigates at the former U.S. naval facility in Subic Bay from early next year, officials said, the first time the massive installation has functioned as a military base in 23 years.

PH reinforcing BRP Sierra Madre

The Philippine Navy is quietly reinforcing the hull and deck of a rusting ship it ran aground on a disputed South China Sea reef in 1999 to stop it breaking apart, determined to hold the shoal as Beijing creates a string of man-made islands nearby.

Sexist attacks on women in Vietnamese water resort in free-entry promo – and the ridiculous aftermath

This is what happens when the perfect storm of corporate greed, lack of planning, lack of security, and lack of restraint combines into a horrific incident still being talked about by Vietnamese people.

Acting Makati Mayor Kid Peña starts hunt for ghost employees

Acting Makati City Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña on July 3 said he has started an inventory of employees at the Makati City Hall to weed it of “ghost” employees.

Kid Peña halts Makati City’s aid to over 600 sister-cities, now under audit

Acting Mayor Kid Peña has suspended the release of any assistance Makati City is giving to more than 600 sister-cities, GMA News TV’s News To Go reported on Monday.

SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF – How The Philippines helped refugees from other countries

Aside from world-class singers, boxers, and performers, Filipinos have something else they can be proud of: a history of taking in refugees who fled from persecution in their countries.

Davao City cop arrested after refusing to pay bill, assaulting owner

A member of the Davao City police was arrested for allegedly making trouble inside a bar before dawn Friday.

China’s stock market in BIG trouble

Just a few short weeks ago, Chinese state media were touting it as the place where people could realise what President Xi Jinping calls the “Chinese dream”. But since then, that dream has turned into a nightmare for the millions of mainlanders who heeded the leadership’s call to invest in the stock market.

WANTED: JOHN WAYNE H. VILLANUEVA, AKA. Jay Bee, Jollibee Delivery scammer

Guess what? The Jay Bee personality who tricked Jollibee Delivery personnel to get compensative gift certificates may have been an outlaw all along.

China slams West Philippine Sea documentary, not knowing they did the EXACT same thing back in 2013!

Before the Philippines came out with its three-part documentary series on the West Philippine Sea, China had aired an eight-part documentary in 2013 to gain sympathy and consolidate its claims in the disputed sea.