The haunted ruins of Ozone Disco just at the front of the Jamboree Rotunda is no more.

Bulldozed and flattened weeks before its tragic anniversary, the place has been leveled into barren space. It no longer bear memories of a tragedy that shocked the Philippines back in 1996.

The haunted structure is ordered demolished by its new owners, perhaps to finally bring closure.

People have attested that the place became rich in paranormal activities eversince the tragedy.

Nearly 20 years later, the site had to go. The new owners of the lot decided that it is time to lay the tragedy to rest, and with it, the abandoned edifice.

There goes the attachments of those remaining ghosts...

In March 2001, the club owners were sentenced to prison and fined. Certain government officials were found guilty of conniving to bypass fire safety inspections to allow the nightclub to operate, in a court ruling back in 2014.

Now the vacant lot sings a mournful song of a tragedy that took young lives that were reveling of an end of a schoolyear.

A paranormal expedition conducted in the site years ago revealed ghosts that still cannot accept their deaths. Their ethereal plights were addressed by their next of kin, allowing many of the souls to move on.

Relatives of the victims still visit the site to remember their loved ones whose young lives were tragically depleted prematurely.