One person was injured when two trains of the Light Rail Transit Line 1 collided at the Monumento station Saturday morning.

LRT spokesman Hernando Cabrera said the accident was caused by a technical glitch triggered by a power fluctuation in the area, which caused one of the trains to collide with the other from behind.

The lone casualty was a train driver who suffered minor injuries and was immediately rushed to a hospital for treatment.

In reaction, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) said the Liberal Party-led administration should be declared a “public menace” after the LRT collision incident, calling them ‘callous and uncaring’.

Tiangco said that, for five years, the troubles at the LRT and MRT were allowed to fester by the indecisive and incompetent DOTC leaderships of Secretaries Manuel “Mar” Roxas and Emilio Abaya.

Worse, Tiangco added, “the MRT rail system has been mired in charges of massive corruption involving the LP. But instead of addressing these allegations, the LP-led DOTC brushed it aside even if the charges were raised by the former ambassador of Czechoslovakia Josef Rychtar.”

The incident temporarily cut operations between Monumento and the last stop on the LRT-1, Roosevelt station in Quezon City.

The accident is just reminiscent of the one that happened in Roosevelt station awhile back in 2011.