In his effort to make the Bureau of Customs (BOC) more transparent to the public, Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon announced on Monday that they are installing CCTV cameras in his office as well as in all frontline offices for online monitoring.

“By next week you can now view the Office of the Commissioner through online… By next week, you can now view me in my office, in my conference rooms and everywhere that’s within the Office of the Commissioner,” he said in a press briefing in Malacañang.

“The setting up of CCTV cameras in all the frontline offices of the Bureau of Customs has been ongoing,” he added.

Faeldon also said the installation of CCTV cameras in Manila ports will start soon.

“We expect that in the next 30 more days, the big ports in Manila will now be—can now be viewed publicly, all the transactions being done there,” he said.

“But, my office is the first one. So that no employee will refuse the setting up of the CCTVs,” Faeldon also said.

Faeldon, a former military officer, also vowed to cooperate in any investigation by the media regarding corrupt Customs officials.

“Even without the law being passed, we’ll open up our offices. You can ask anything you want and we will provide it to you,” he said.

“We are continuously isolating and tracking all the bureau officials that are believed to be very corrupt,” Faeldon added.

President Rodrigo Duterte has once described the Bureau of Customs as one of the most corrupt agencies in the government, something Faeldon is now changing with high-profile contraband seizures, and now, a name-shaming of a corrupt Customs official.


This project is very similar to online viewing done for MRT-3 stations, which sadly doesn’t work right now.

This is a slap to the face of that punk who refused the idea of CCTV installations in the office, retorting it was a human right violation and that they want a better pay so that they don’t have to resort to corruption.

We’re talking about Rommel Francisco of the Bureau of Customs Employees Association, who has said customs workers wouldn’t accept bribes if they got salary raises and full benefits. Well, tell that to the marines!

The workers’ association has since shunned Francisco for his views.

Having an online interface to watch customs people in action is a highly attractive idea and should be replicated in all government offices.

Originally from http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/578516/news/nation/customs-chief-allows-public-to-monitor-his-office-via-cctv#sthash.NEtNl47Q.dpuf