The drama between fugitive Massive Gaming CEO Miguel Limon and its protesting employees continue as Massive Gaming’s HR division abandons the company as well, for fairly obvious reasons.


Former HR officer Sarah Mia B. Salvador has just told the protesters: I’m no longer part of Massive Gaming.

Her sudden resignation has raised more questions, especially why she has not given notices in advance.

Some of the protesters suspect she may have something to do with the company’s downfall apart from Limon himself, of course. But it cannot be forgotten Salvador too is an employee (ex-employee, to be precise) who is most likely fed up with the company as all the protesters are.

The lack of payroll has apparently gotten an employee in trouble, who depends on his paycheck for his father’s cancer treatment.


The angry employee is at a loss as to what to do, now that the company is on the run.

Limon was bugged about the payroll for the longest time until he vacated the corporate headquarters and shut off all contacts.


No one knows where Miguel Limon can be located. Any tips or help towards the employees of Massive Gaming can be extended here.

If you have seen Miguel Limon or know where he is, please contact law enforcement agencies immediately, citing the employee’s Facebook page.