So, what’s new about militant students claiming to defend democracy, and being doomsayers that democracy is dead? Especially when they can still protest and still make a fool out of themselves without anyone stopping them?

In this photo shared by Sergio Santibanez, and originally shot by The Philippine Star, students from Baguio City claims there is abuse, injustice and tyranny down south where Martial Law is in effect to quell ISIS attempts and lawlessness in general. And approved by Congress no less.

Looks like these students are willing to look like idiots just for good grades. Or to gain admission to clubs that are run by sleeper agents?

It’s not impossible considering student groups with communist infiltration are actually happening. Take UP Diliman for example, and their undying hatred for Duterte, with actual student Duterte supporters unable to express due to fear of backlash from these dominant groups.

These institutions for learning instead becomes a nursery for future insurgency.