Jordanian Air force claims destruction of at least 19 targets, as US says Iraqi troops are set to start major ground offensive against ISIS jihadists.

Several sources, among them, The Guardian, reports that the kingdom had launched the 56 air raids since Thursday as part of an international assault against Isis that Washington says is beginning to bite. And it won’t be the last.

ISIS has seized swaths of Iraq and Syria, ruling the territory with a brutal form of Islam, and planning to do so everywhere.

Jordan has vowed to crush the group after it released a highly choreographed video showing the murder of its pilot, who was captured in December when his F-16 warplane went down in Syria.

The air war had helped to retake about 270 square miles of territory, with more than 7,000 ISIS militants killed since Jordan began participating in coalition air strikes.

Neighbors like the UAE are planning to resume similar strikes to halt the advance of ISIS towards the region. Their campaign was stopped temporarily due to pilot safety.