“I’m happy about it, you know why? He’s hard-headed. He’s even defying us.”

Purificacion Torres, grandmother of the slain drug addict Alexander Cuyugan, who shot it out with the police last Sunday, August 28 in his house at a slum area in Tondo, Manila, couldn’t be happier over the fate that befell her nephew.

Also killed in the same police operation was another drug personality, Jay-Jay Reyes, who was with Cuyugan that night.

Cuyugan’s death saw no sympathy from his grandmother, who complained about his longtime drug addiction and being a pusher.

“I already told him to surrender, and he just won’t.” Torres added. “They are making their exit in life quick.”

“I really would like him to be gone.”

Everyone else were also concurring with the grandmother.

“Even their own relatives want them dead. Because that’s how a drug addict lives, it’s a nuisance to the family, once you have a drug addict… so… they better die than they are living on a hell.”

“This is what should be heard, straight from experience, not the hypocritical opinions of some individuals who pretend to be God-fearing and righteous. Get real, folks!!! Hats off grandma!”

“That’s how it should be done, grandma, they’re a menace…”

“There are others, who surrendered, released to reform, but reverted to their drug vice… so it’s better to just kill them…”

“That’s how I feel too whenever I see a drug addict getting killed! I feel joy in it, if ever a relative of mine is an addict I’ll be the one to shoot!”

“GRANDMA TWO THUMBS UP FOR YOU… if you were only nearby I’d give you a hug. Now you’ll have peace in your lives now that your (troublesome) nephew is dead. Have a nice goodnight sleep ahead grandma.”

“Grandma is great. 🙂 She doesn’t condone her nephew. Other parents should be like that! They know their ACTIONS are wrong and you tolerate it? BULLSHIT!”

“This is the sad reality of people experiencing first hand the menace from their drug addicted/pusher loved ones….i’m sure, there were several times relatives pleaded to change their ways or surrender, to reach to this point that their relatives would wish for him to be gone. That’s why i have respect for those who changed their ways….”