Absentee voting for Overseas Filipino Workers have yielded interesting results.

From an exit poll conducted by Duterte Alliance Hong Kong, Presidential Candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte had votes that were literally an avalanche all over other candidates.

And that’s not all.

An unmarked and independent exit poll, this time in Abu Dhabi also gave a strikingly similar result.

In Abu Dhabi, the results are the same too.

Dubai is no different.

Dubai is for Duterte, it seems.

The real results will come however, in COMELEC and NAMFREL counting of ballots. But this appears to be what to expect in real counting, because these surveyors are not beholden or held by their necks to any relatives, bosses or anyone else that are stakeholders in the election.

This will also apparently serve as counter-proof, should COMELEC try something funny in the upcoming Philippine elections this May.

(Tipped by Rody Duterte Supporters OFW Global Movement and other sites)