The PNP Crime Laboratory has identified Oxalic Acid as the likely poison agent of the Hokkaido milk tea that downed proprietor William Abrigo and Suzaine Dagohoy, and Arnold Aydalla, who survived.

The chemical is likely the one mixed in the milk teas, introduced likely by Lloyd Abrigo, son of the proprietor, who ordered the cleanup in the store premises and the deactivation of the shop’s CCTV cameras after the incident.

Lloyd Abrigo is currently facing murder charges because of the incident, and for possibly destroying evidence.

Oxalic Acid is a cleaning agent, particularly for rust and corrosion. It is also prominently marked as toxic.

Effects of ingestion of the chemical is said to be extremely destructive to tissue of mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract. Needless to say, it is harmful if swallowed, and particularly harmful to and destructive of tissue and causes burns if absorbed through the skin or is in contact with the eyes.

The trait of the chemical may also explain the foaming at the mouths of the victims.

The crime laboratory is still finalizing their findings, despite identifying the chemical.