Social news site Rappler was once again humiliated by its viewers after releasing an article that obviously ran counter to the spoken words of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The article was exaggerated to say that “Duterte endorses killing corrupt journalists.” After sustained negative feedback, this was mysteriously rewritten to “Duterte on killings: Corrupt journalists asked for it.”

This flawed reporting caused several negative feedback particularly from journalists. But there were others who knew better like JoMi Dasmariñas.

Para sa mga clueless, have you watched the full video? If not, SHUT UP kana lang! (For those clueless, have you watched the full video? If not, just SHUT UP!) :p

Q = Question / Reporter
PRD = President Rody Duterte

Q: what is your policy about the journalist killings that the Aquino government failed to act? ….. The journalist killings?

PRD: ” Ba… Yung bago? Ganito yan iha, kung papatayin ka, papatayin ka talaga. (That… that latest one? Here’s how it works lassy, if you’ll be killed, that will be really it.) There is no way to know that the next victim is a journalist. Sa karamihan, prangka prangka lang. May nagawa yan kasi di ka naman patayin jan kung wala ka ginawa eh. (For others, it’s just being frank. The victim did something because otherwise, the victim wouldn’t end up like that being killed.) Yung expose’, bad words against us wala yan.”… Etc etc (That expose’, those bad words against us, they’re nothing)

Q: “just because the journalist is corrupt… Is this an excuse?”
PRD: ” you are asking why, well that was the reason!” “You have to debate with the killer, not to me!”

Wala akong narinig that he is endorsing or justifying the killings of journalist. (I didn’t hear anything about him endorsing or justifying the killings of a journalist.) He is stating the reason why some journalists were killed! The problem here is that the questions are not really clear. Ang premise ng mga sagot eh iba sa supposed to be questions! (The premise of the answers are different from the supposed questions!)

PRD: “Kung journalist ka lang na true, walang gagalaw sa yo. Especially if it is true, you can’t hide the truth by the way!” (If you’re a truthful journalist, no one will touch you. Especially if it is true, you can’t hide the truth by the way!) … just because you are a journalist, you are exempted from assasination!” ([You expect] just because you are a journalist, you are exempted from assassination!) Alam mo kung sino sino mga writers na binabayaran! ikaw alam mo kung sino sino mga yan, bakit di mo expose? (You know who among them writers are paid ones! You know who they are, why don’t you expose them?)”

TANONG: SINO ANG BIASED? Si President RODY DUTERTE ba o ang media??? (QUESTION: WHO IS BIASED? Is it President RODY DUTERTE or the media?) 🙂

And from here, we now know who are the onion-skinned and those who can read between the lines. Such users like Karla Gonzales explains.

I think Duterte is trying to piss off the media. Thats his style. He leaves out innuendos and double meanings to see how people react. He toys with people’s emotions to see how defensive they become. Thats his way of exposing your character. Will you be weak enough to take it personally?

Guilty enough to be defensive? Stupid enough to get angry? Or wise enough to figure it out and take his words with a grain of salt.

Its like chess. He sends out pawns and if you go after them, he will learn so much more about your motives. Word of advice. Don’t be too literal.

Discrediting the media is a strategic move. So people will not depend on the media to think for them. So we Filipinos will learn how to think on our own. Without having CBCP, the Church, or the media to influence and manipulate how we should lead our lives.

We’re dealing with a high level thinking mastermind with a very complex thought process and if you are too simple and onion-skinned, you obviously cant keep up with him. Im not sure why I understand the language of men so much. Maybe its a bisaya thing. Maybe we are a different breed. Or maybe, we breathe fresher air down south so our minds are way more open.

Then I watch people in Manila throw rallies regarding just about anything that they cannot accept and comprehend.

Critical thinking. Are you among the gullible ones who will believe anything without even questioning why, or are you among those who will get to the bottom of the words and learn the truth at your own pace?

Many such people who revel on negativity about Duterte will slam analysis, saying such analysis is a product being a ‘dutertard’, not knowing they are showing the symptoms of a classic Filipino flaw: Smart shaming.