Steven Seagal, America’s famous actor, film producer and martial arts expert, said Tuesday, October 11, that President Rodrigo Duterte is a good president and is instrumental in making the Philippines a safer place to live in.

In a press conference at The Peninsula Hotel in Makati City, Seagal said that the country is now more safe under Duterte’s leadership.

Seagal is in the country to make a series of movies on crimes, drugs, and corruption with local actors.

Asked if he feels safe in the country amid the relentless and massive campaign by the government against illegal drugs that resulted in thousands of killings, Seagal said that he feels the Philippines is not a dangerous place but is now more safe.

He cited Duterte for his initiatives in protecting the Filipino people.

He also cited the Filipino people for their hospitality, humor and friendliness, and this is why he chose to make a series of movies here.

Seagal is in the country for the production of the TV series “General Commander.” This is the third time the action star visited the Philippines.

It is said that “General Commander” will tackle corruption, crime and drugs. The actor shared he is interested in getting Filipino cast members.

Seagal is being assisted by his close friend, former Ilocos Sur governor Chavit Singson who is now the national president of the Philippine Councilors’ League, in filming the movies in various parts of the country.

Singson revealed that the American actor will also make movies in the historic city of Vigan and neighboring areas.

Seagal admitted that he is a “big fan” of President Duterte.

“I’m a big fan of the government, and I think Duterte is a very good president and he has been instrumental in making the Philippines an up and coming place,” he said in an interview.

Later October 12, he paid a visit in Malacanañg in a courtesy call, with the trademark fist post together with the presidential staff, and of course, President Duterte himself.

Both Duterte and Seagal are big fans of President Vladimir Putin. Seagal, an environmentalist and animal rights activists known for his outspoken political views, was given a Russian citizenship last year for expressing support for the policies of Russia.

Seagal is best known for a string of blockbuster action movies from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. These include “Above The Law,” “Hard To Kill,” “Marked For Death,” “Out For Justice,” “Under Siege,” and “On Deadly Ground.”

(Photos courtesy of Bong Go, article from Manila Bulletin)