Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg encountered Germany’s overcrowded trains, tweeting about it, and gaining replies that echoed the notorious problem of the railway system: overcrowding and lack of punctuality.

Deutsche Bahn has a bad reputation for late, canceled and overcrowded trains. And Greta was highlighting it. People were sympathetic and highlighted this flaw, calling for change.

However, one tweet from the train company has all but managed to expose her tweet to be a mere and possibly dishonest front.

Greta was seated all along in first-class accommodation, according to train officials, and she had guaranteed seating. To some people, this put Greta’s sincerity in question.

Greta quickly assured that she meant Deustche Bahn no malice in taking pictures with herself on the floor.

However, for her rousing activism to take climate change seriously, as a youth figure, this has also reinforced criticisms that she’s a mere virtue signalist, a puppet for propaganda, a manipulator and someone who has no clear understanding of how the world truly works, due to her autism. Many criticisms against Thunberg however has fallen flat. But if she is not careful about her sincerity, it may be only a matter of time before a mere kink in her armor could be exploited. It would put her idealism, the drive to save the future, and to empower the youth to take action, at real risk of being dismissed as mere puppetry.

Source: https://www.dw.com/en/greta-thunbergs-trip-home-on-a-crowded-german-train/a-51677609