In what could be the year’s silliest ordinances passed, the town of Salawag, in Dasmariñas, Cavite, has passed an ordinance banning DotA across internet cafe jurisdictions.

Yes, unfortunately, this is real.

Citing reasons of it being used in betting, gambling and sowing discord among families, the whole governing roster of the town, comprised of the Chairman and the Kagawad (councilors or deputy officers) has agreed to ban the game unanimously, imposing penalties on violators.

The ordinance has been met with scorn and contempt among players.

Such proposals have been replied with ridicule in the past, and with too many ways to get around the blockade, Salawag not getting any DotA action won’t be a problem.

There’s also that League of Legends and even Heroes of Newerth.

Hell, it was not even clear if Steam-based DotA2 was included in the ban.