Noli Asenso, allegedly a former drug user, recently died. Now his death was exaggerated by Jim Paredes’ wife, Lydia M. Paredes, complete with lies. The exaggerations aimed to appear that Asenso was a hapless victim of President Duterte’s drug war.

Cynthia Patag and Jim Paredes, artists past their prime, are well known anti-Duterte people and curiously, diehard supporters of the Liberal Party, and particularly, of Mar Roxas. They have been known to throw out unjust, unkind and slanderous words against President Duterte, though Jim at one point concurred with one policy of his.

Lydia wrote the following, which was shared by Cynthia Patag’s Facebook account.

Just got this message from Ana Segovia. Her cousin is a recovering addict and now a victim of Duterte’s war on drugs.

Hello Gelz! I have more sad news. My cousin in Manila, Noli Asensio, son of my Tita Fides, passed away this morning. He was abducted and drugged. The next day he died. He was a victim of Duterte’s drug war. He was recovering from addiction. He was married to Iwi Laurel and has a daughter who sings, Nicole Asensio. My aunt (sis of my mom), is devastated. My cousin, Dennis Asensio (brother of Noli) is flying to Manila from Chicago. Please pray for their family. Thank you

Jim Paredes blamed Cynthia Patag for posting this mockery. Noli’s wife Iwi and daughter Nicole called out Patag over the fabrication.

Nicole is particularly displeased about Patag and Paredes’ overeagerness to come up with a fabricated story, especially when it was pointed out, neither of the two were in the place when Noli died.

My father died with me in Makati Medical Center ER… Right beside me at his final hours… I am appalled at the yellow Idiots who have gossiped and gossiped about his life and death, plotting to use his death to fuel their political schemes. Some of these yellowtards were my friends… Some are my own blood relatives. Read my moms post. Swallow it Close your mouth when you chew. If you were so concerned about my dad or the family why didn’t you pay your respects? Thought so.. It’s all about you. You’re not helping yourselves, the grieving family or the country by using my father’s death for your own vanity. LET ME LOVE AND HONOR HIM IN SILENCE.

His widow Iwi is also just as disgusted.

Many concerned friends have approached me at Noli’s wake about Facebook posts that have gone viral. Please allow me once and for all to help you get your facts straight.

Fact: Noli was not abducted and drugged.
Fact: He was not killed.
Fact: Noli was not a victim of “Duterte’s war on drugs.”

Forgive me for saying this, but you were not in the ER during his last moments and we never appointed you to be the family’s spokesperson. So please, do not use Noli’s passing for any of your political motives and schemes.

If you are a good person, you will stop spreading all these lies. If you have compassion, you will understand that we are grieving for someone we love very much who was a good person and we miss him terribly. If you have extra time in your hands, I suggest you pray. Yes, prayer is the best thing you could engage in right now. And when you feel the urge to post anything again, maybe ask yourself if your words are true, necessary and helpful. But prayers please. We could find comfort in your prayers during these difficult times.

Exposed like the liars that they are. Note how Paredes tried to squirm his way out of culpability, blaming Patag for making it public, and making an alibi that he simply wanted the tall tale only among them. Oh, and also that hollow apology.

So lying and making up stories is okay if it didn't go public? And people question your morals, for a so-called decent person. We all know how those sympathetic to Liberal Party want to demonize the drug war by claiming that innocent parties, or so-called extrajudicial killings were occuring, just to court the ire of the international community.

Unfortunately, not only did this backfire, but now Patag and Paredes risks a lawsuit over this fabricated story. We have a law about that. In fact, two of them.

Patag appeared to have deleted the post, as no evidence of the post persisted in Facebook. But her culpability has been established, and the screenshots saved in millions of devices.

Patag and Jim Paredes are known to post negatively about President Duterte, and has posted absolutely NOTHING positive about him. It also appears they will ban anyone who don’t agree with their views, as seen by their reply policy in pages, and virtually absent dissenting views.

Also of note, is how Raissa Robles, from Rappler, wrote an insulting article likening Senator Leila De Lima to the late Miriam Defensor Santiago, shortly after the latter’s death. It looks like those sympathetic to the Liberal Party will step on anything, dead or otherwise, just to advance their agenda, even if it does so… in vain.

The self-proclaimed decent people have so much to prove to be worthy of such a label, with lies like this coming from their own kind. Well, we think they’re not worthy of being called decent to begin with.