Thanks to a persistent warning campaign in Facebook, a would-be victim has came face-to-face with the con man posing as a sales agent from PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telecom) and decided to deal justice his way.

The video of the con man being subdued was posted all over Facebook to serve as warning and a call to previous victims to file charges.

According to a certain Oliver Cayang, the would-be victim, he instantly recognized the fake agent from the numerous warnings posted in Facebook and instantly subdued him along with his companions, warning the con man not to put up a fight.

Cayang resisted the temptation to deal the faker violent street justice, and decided to bring him to the police station instead to properly deal with it.

Victims of the con man may coordinate with Cainta Police or PLDT and press charges to strengthen the case against him.

His identity was revealed as JOSE KILISTI aka Raymond Mendoza, and was reported to have been active in the swindling craft since 2011.

His mugshot is reportedly disseminated in PLDT offices nationwide to warn employees, before and after the capture happened.

The incident has been discussed by Facebook group Tee Radio and can be seen here.

(Source: Tee Radio, video by Ryan Jay Jamiro)