While checking our mailbox, we came upon an imposing letter, in the light of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s ‘FINAL’ answer of ‘NO’ on running for President of the Philippines. This was not a pleasant letter to read, but we believe it merits publishing.

The sender has instructed us not to publish their identity.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte,

We are extremely disappointed that after months of on-and-off decisions, you shut the door on giving the country a chance to be truly great.

You wasted our time and expectations, dishonoring those who believed in you, and you probably cowed over your family’s opposition.

A true leader would do what it takes to do what is right, and if needed be, make sacrifices. History has proven that those who made such sacrifices were handsomely rewarded, be it in memory, honor, inspiration or influence.

You said that the people don’t need you. What do you call those people who rallied to show that you are truly desired? What do you call those people who hailed your city, Davao City, as one of the country’s best? What do you call those people who rejoiced whenever your brand of justice, as wild as it may seem, was duly delivered to those that deserved it?

They were not paid lackeys. They were people yearning for genuine change. Genuine change that you have proven, and other candidates have yet to prove.

Will you allow your coy tricks to tarnish your name? Is this what your family truly desires for you? To be branded a coward in the sunset? This trait runs contradicting to how you run your city. People have admired your hardline rule of law, and this is something the country lacks. You cannot concede if you have not tried.

People DO believe in you, but while you continue to hide in the shell of indecisiveness and disbelief that you are not needed, this is what will hold you back. You are a lawyer by profession, and standing up for your client is a basic skill that is mandatory. In fact, every citizen of each countries is expected to stand for their own countries.

But why are you turning your back to the calls of people to make changes? Why say conflicting statements? Or are you simply testing the waters? Perhaps playing tricks to see how much people truly want you?

There is a limit on testing the waters, and it has its negative impact upon you, your reputation, your trustworthiness, and foremost, your word of honor, if this is the only thing you will rely on.

Think, Mayor Duterte. It’s not too late to rescind your own decline. If this is a trick, you may have attracted the biggest howl of protest that you may have ever set your sights upon.

But if it is because you have been threatened not to, maybe by people, by family, by relatives, it is time to show conviction.

Show us you have the conviction to steer the Filipino people into a better future without conflict, crimes and corruption. Lest, people will no longer trust you even if you come back as Mayor of Davao City. People will then know you as the man who never tried.

The Filipino People