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PHL DOST converts aquatic pests to pesos

The Philippines’ Department of Science and Technology – Forest Products Research and Development Institute (DOST-FPRDI) found a way to use water hyacinth, considered an aquatic pest, as a source of livelihood for families living near Laguna Lake.

PHL weather agency finally acquires atomic clock

A division of the state weather agency just bought a P50-million clock from a US supplier that tells time more accurately than the earth does when it spins on its axis.

Royal Australian Navy donates two Landing Crafts to the Philippine Navy, will be commissioned July 23

The two “Balikpapan” class landing craft heavy (LCHs), donated by the Australian government to the Philippine Navy early this year, will be formally commissioned into service on July 23, in Australia.

Alamat: GMA-7’s first all in-house and locally-produced animation series

Philippine television station GMA Channel 7 has begun showing the country’s first animation anthology series, ‘Alamat,’ highlighted as a children-oriented show, made by Filipinos, for Filipinos.

PH reinforcing BRP Sierra Madre

The Philippine Navy is quietly reinforcing the hull and deck of a rusting ship it ran aground on a disputed South China Sea reef in 1999 to stop it breaking apart, determined to hold the shoal as Beijing creates a string of man-made islands nearby.

Philippines to host 2019 SEA Games

The Southeast Asian (SEA) Games will be returning to Manila, after hosting it in 1981, 1991 and 2005.

PHL DOST Project NOAH identifies flood-prone areas in partial data

The Philippine Department of Science and Technology, and its project, the Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) has been in operation for some time and has been gathering data on recent disasters, forming a prediction and information body that can be used by everyone for risk and disaster management.

Acting Makati Mayor Kid Peña starts hunt for ghost employees

Acting Makati City Mayor Romulo “Kid” Peña on July 3 said he has started an inventory of employees at the Makati City Hall to weed it of “ghost” employees.

Little boy saves mother cat and kittens during typhoon

While heavy rains hit Manila due to typhoon “Egay” during the first week of July, 2015, a young boy lovingly protected a stray cat who had just given birth.

Kid Peña halts Makati City’s aid to over 600 sister-cities, now under audit

Acting Mayor Kid Peña has suspended the release of any assistance Makati City is giving to more than 600 sister-cities, GMA News TV’s News To Go reported on Monday.