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Cebu Pacific plane lands safely with one engine broken

An ATR plane of Cebu Pacific bound for Caticlan was forced to return to Manila on the morning of January 8 with one engine out.

UTTER STUPIDITY – Saudi OFW in hot water over bomb joke

The woman said she did not know bomb jokes were a criminal offense.

Maria Ozawa, blamed for the miscarriage: “I did not jinx Robin Padilla’s triplets!”

Japanese actress Maria Ozawa cried foul after some Filipino netizens blamed her for the miscarriage of TV host Mariel Rodriguez, wife of her former co-star Robin Padilla.

Allizon Villanueva, self-proclaimed future son-in-law of animal murderer Antonio O. Lizardo threatens bashers of Rose Ann Lizardo

In a great but rare display of utter stupidity and wanton disregard of Philippine animal humane laws, self-proclaimed “boyfriend” of Rose Ann Lizardo, Allizon Villanueva, showed “his” great displeasure at the fact that “his” so-called “girlfriend” is feeling the wrath of the social media for sharing and boasting about a criminal act done by her father.

PREMONITION? – Robin Padilla loses triplets to miscarriage, asks fans to stop bashing Maria Ozawa

In an event some superstitious people would call an omen, Robin Padilla begged off from the film production of Nilalang, which earned him Maria Ozawa’s disappointment. However, things took a turn for the worse for the Filipino actor upon announcing that his wife, Mariel Rodriguez, has miscarried.

Robin Padilla begs off from film to attend to wife’s delicate pregnancy, branded ‘unprofessional’ by Maria Ozawa

Former Japanese adult film actress Maria Ozawa took to social media her disappointment upon learning that actor Robin Padilla has backed out of their horror movie project which was included as an entry to the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Indonesia Air Force chief in PH to boost ties

Indonesian Air Force chief Agus Supriatna is in the Philippines from August 10 to 12 for a visit.


Another animal murderer has been spotted, identified as Antonio O. Lizardo, who also shot dead his neighbor’s dog out of annoyance from the dog’s barking. The incident is reminiscent of the report of Dominador Capispisan doing the exact criminal act, for an ex-policeman.


Dominador Capispisan has just shot dead the 9 year old dog of Elaine Fermin, on the grounds that it was too noisy. Apparently, he didn’t know (or believed he was invincible) there’s a law against that, that same rule of law he swore to uphold when he was still a policeman.

RA 10666 now demonizes two-wheeled motorcycles with small children on board

President Benigno Aquino III has signed into law a bill seeking to ban small children from riding motorcycles, similar to an ordinance enacted in Quezon City earlier.