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PHL Culture Commission clarifies: Earlier statements by culture educator do not reflect our stance on Josie Rizal

Due to a clarification and angry Tekken players flooding the Philippine National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) social media outlets, the government culture body issued a disclaimer that they are not opposing Josie Rizal, though they intend to review the situation.

Talim’s Descendant? Josie Rizal is newest Tekken 7 fighter, and second Filipina fighting game character

First it was Talim from Soul Calibur, the very first fighting game and video game character who is confirmed to be a Filipino. Now a second one, also from the same publisher of Soul Calibur, but this time in Tekken: Josie Rizal.

Hirohiko Araki shares manga-making secrets, Hemingway influences in new book

Hirohiko Araki, well known for his manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, wrote a book on how to be a successful comic artist.

Earlier attempts to find Musashi shipwreck bared

In the wake of the discovery of the WWII warship Musashi, it was revealed Paul Allen wasn’t the only one looking for it.

Japanese band KISHIMA and DJ OZMA knows all about the Firipin MY WAY infamy… and parodies it.

It’s impossible not to know Karaoke-related incidents, especially involving those who sing Frank Sinatra’s MY WAY. Japanese band Kishida, with their singer Ayonocozy Show aka DJ Ozma, of Drinking Boys fame, pokes fun of the infamy in their promotion video.

Snow Miku and the Manila Cathedral in Sapporo Snow Festival

You read it right. The iconic Manila Cathedral has been recreated in Ice at the Sapporo Snow Festival, where many pop culture icons and characters have been molded in snow.

Are you ready for an AKB48 sister group in the Philippines?

Coming from the heels of creating JKT48 and SNH48, the sister groups located in Indonesia and China, Yasushi Akimoto, group founder of the infamous AKB48, has plans to create a sister group in the Philippines.