As Josie Rizal, the Filipino Eskrima-kickboxing fighter fights on, more interesting videos of Josie and players using her appears in YouTube.

Most complaints about her resembling Bruce’s fighting style has since disappeared. It also seemed her winposes have been increased, and the presence of her sobbing winpose is still present. It would appear Josie is an emotional fighter, a nod, perhaps to how Filipinos can be emotional at times. But whether it was overdone or not depends on the beholder.

There are players in Japan and Korea that chose to play as Josie, and are recording their gameplays with her on the spotlight. It’s a sight to behold.

A player using Josie gets a long winstreak, with only the Arab Shaheen giving her trouble, along with Hwoarang, where she got some pretty close calls. She demolishes mainstay Kazuya Mishima with little effort.

With Katarina, the video shows how Josie is a solid fighter in the right hands.


Curious as to how she acts throughout the game? Here’s a video for that.

Many have complained that Josie’s sobbing and crying in her intros and winposes makes her somewhat of a wuss. Bandai Namco explains that this has something to do with her own plot, to be explained in the future console releases. Some have pointed out that the tears are not necessarily of sorrow too.

With the buildup of Tekken 7 going strong, and Yoshimitsu showing up in the roster, the game is shaping up nicely, and will hopefully show up outside Japan very soon. There’s also unconfirmed rumors it might make it to the PC as well.

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