As promised by Katsuhiro Harada and Bandai Namco Games, Josie Rizal rolls out to the arcades this April 21.

YouTube user 文則鈴木 has captured the action, from training to actual gameplay.

Feast on these videos.

Part 2

Her gameplay has been compared to another Tekken character, Bruce. As to its semblance of Eskrima, this may very well be another case of one’s personal interpretation of it, meaning learners of a particular branch of Eskrima infuses it with their own touches, adding and/or removing techniques to be more suitable, martketable or effective.

One obvious change is that her sobbing winpose has been replaced. Yay! But we need more videos to confirm that. Also she has a new alternate outfit with her wearing white tight jeans instead of her skirt.

文則鈴木 may have more in store, so check that YouTube Channel out!