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VENDO WIFI – Self-service WiFi hotspot now available

Now, from AGN Solutions comes a coin-op WiFi vending machine that outputs login details good for a set time.

MMDA ON THE MOVE – Friend Trip, the newest local carpooling app launched

MMDA has launched an app called ‘Friend Trip‘ that lets you carpool with Facebook friends.

The Dead Balagtas rises at NexCon 2015

Historical satire comic Dead Balagtas will make an appearance at the upcoming NexCon in SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Premier in Taguig City.

EVEN IF IT’S A FELLOW FILIPINO – Angel Locsin draws flak for ‘racist’ Mayweather tweet

ABS-CBN actress Angel Locsin is being heavily criticized on social media for her controversial tweet during the megabuck bout, which is supposedly in reference to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s skin color.

Slow SMS and internet in PH? Let the government body DTI know!

The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry has announced recently that they are now accepting complaints in regards to delayed SMS messages and the often-complained quality of internet services in the country.

!UPDATED! Katsuhiro Harada to Xana Dalisay spammer: YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!

It seems Bandai Namco Games Project Manager Katsuhiro Harada has been enduring the barrage of Xana Dalisay spam longer than anyone thought. And when given the opportunity to blow some steam and curse a particular character, object or person, who did Harada call out? Yep, you guessed it, the Xana Dalisay spammer(s).

!UPDATED! A guide to the Kancolle’s shipwreck counterparts in the Philippines

Here’s a list of those ship girls that sunk primarily in waters considered to be well within Philippine territory.


Miss-Xprimnt have been aware all along of the dramas surrounding Josie Rizal and her creation, Xana Dalisay. She renewed her appeal to stop all activities and spamming about Xana Dalisay’s Tekken appearance, once and for all.

CAN’T MOVE ON? – Never-heard-of minority group insists a never-heard-of character in Tekken 7 instead of Josie Rizal

Allow us to fill you in about the situation and as to why Xana Dalisay, the girl insisted by a bunch of nobodies to replace Josie Rizal in Tekken 7, has been universally panned as fancruft even by her creator.

Massive Gaming HR division jumps ship; Employee damage getting worse

The drama between fugitive Massive Gaming CEO Miguel Limon and its protesting employees continue as Massive Gaming’s HR division abandons the company as well, for fairly obvious reasons.